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  Let's make some news! 
Pupils at Woolmer Hill are buzzing today, gathering news and reporting on issues we agreed on this morning!
Our biggest stories have been on our very own celebrities, where we celebrate their talent and ambition, as well as what we think of contact sports in the playground.
One of our journalists has also sustained a head injury from an open window in the process - see the story on the right!
Our motto for the day is HAVE FUN AND LEARN!
  Our Team! 
Throughout the day we will be reporting on things that affect us and our school. We will be interviewing students and teachers for the BBC school report. We will be updating frequently.
  School Reporter hits head 

Woolmer Hill BBC School Reporter Alice hit her head on an open window, which was stretched out into her path whilst she was on her way to an interview.
She sustained a head injury with some minor bleeding and was waiting for doctors at Haslemere Hospital to give her the 'all clear' in order to let her continue with today's project - she was determined not let the accident deter her from the day's excitement!
We call that dedication.
  School Report News Feed 

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